My World on a Plate Springs Forward!

As the season changes and the first quarter of 2017 nears a close, we are reminded that spring is not only a time of growth and renewal in nature, but it also ushers in change at My World on A Plate. If kicking off the year at Sundance 2017---our fourth trip and a smashing success by the way--- was any indication of the pace of things to come, we should have had our running shoes on. After taking over the Chase Sapphire Lounge in Salt Lake City and enjoying a few events during whatever downtime we had left, it was back to business in SoCal including working with such Fortune 500 companies as Acura and Pepsi. The pace hasn’t slowed at all. Before we could catch our collective breath, it was March.

Wine, Food, and New Fans

In addition to adding to our fan list, we have added to the professional team here at My World on A Plate. We are expanding - only bigger and better things to come. Keep reading weekly for news on new publication opportunities on the horizon (more to come later), and monthly trips on the X Wine Railroad (including this past weekend). It’s not looking like a slowdown is coming any time soon. But in case we haven’t said it lately, we are grateful! After years of building My World on A Plate, the team and the company has emerged as the most elite catering go-to in Los Angeles for celebrities and corporate heads and gratitude is the first the thing we are serving on the menu today!

X Wine Railroad – March 11, 2017

Melville Pinot Noir

If you haven’t experienced an X Wine Railroad tour of wine country in Los Olivos, be sure to pay attention to our next blog as we will have updates from our upcoming trip on April 1st and the Mother’s Day Weekend trip happens on May 13th and 14th! We will be updating you on the excursions and sharing experiences from all the visitors who joined! Don’t despair - if you missed this one, these are monthly excursions. So be sure to book the next trip with your friends or significant other. It’s the perfect getaway and it couldn’t be a better time of year to go. For wine lovers and foodies alike, there is no other event like it. A day-long guided train tour of wine country and the mastery of Chef Cheven, the event also features vintage private rail cars with spectacular views of the California coast and tastings at three wineries. You will be served breakfast and dinner, a tantalizing culinary feast inspired by the whimsical creations of Chef Cheven, and lunch at one of the wineries. The X Wine Railroad is just another reason we love being a part of the Southern California community. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming weeks because it only gets better!

My World on A Plate is serving up exciting events and culinary headlines over the next few months, all of which will be updated regularly here. My World on a Plate is the elite catering choice for corporate and celebrity events catering in Los Angeles. Call today at 818-290-3113 for your upcoming event.